Cupcake Espresso leverages ‘Free’ Facebook advertising

dchapman —  March 29, 2012 — 5 Comments

Cupcake Espresso

EDIT:  Thanks to a couple of savvy readers it turns out using the Share and Like feature of Facebook to enter a promotion is against Facebook terms and conditions.  My apologies for posting the following post without understanding this.  Check out the Facebook T&C here and go down to Promotions.

See my apology and what you CAN do here.

Local business ‘Cupcake Espresso’ is using the power of Facebook to get the word out about their awesome cupcake range.

Last week I posted about Bacchus Restaurant doing the same.  This week Cupcake Espresso has appeared on my Facebook timeline as friends of mine Share their photo to win a dozen cupcakes.

It seems their strategy is to post several photos a day with the competition details listed on each photo.  Every day they announce their winner in a status update.

Here’s the punch. I count exactly 480 Shares in the last 24 hours! That means people have clicked the ‘Share’ button and shared one of Cupcake Espresso’s photos 480 times in a single day.  That’s impressive for a local business of any type or size.

Cupcake Espresso 2If you want to leverage the power of social media and you’re on a tight budget you can do it through offering something that people want (cupcakes, restaurant vouchers, free stuff) and ask them to share your photo or status to enter the draw.  Simply click on the Share number and you’ll get the list of people who’ve shared it.  Easy!

I’m not sure how many new Like’s or actual store visits or extra sales they’ve made since starting the campaign but one thing is true… they have 2968 people who ‘Like’ their business (Cupcake Espresso status updates appear in their news feed), 1792 people are talking about them and 331 people say they’ve visited the store in person.

EDIT:  Again it’s against Facebook T&C to use Sharing or Liking a status or photo to enter a competition.  Use your status instead to alert people of a promotion and how they can enter the draw.

5 responses to Cupcake Espresso leverages ‘Free’ Facebook advertising

  1. This is actually extremely against Facebook’s ToS, and this practice can quickly lead to the page being shut down. Facebook clearly states that all contests, sweepstakes, or promotions must be contained within an application, and that using Facebook’s services (such as Like, Share, or Comment contests) is a violation of those rules.

    Encouraging other businesses to follow suit is incredibly irresponsible. Just because this page hasn’t been ‘caught’ yet, doesn’t mean this is a good idea.

    • Thanks Tim and Sam for letting me know. I’ve checked it out and pages are allowed to promote on Facebook but, as you’ve said, can’t use the Like or Share button to allow people to register for a promotion. The promotion must lead them to another entry page where they need to enter.

      I’ll post today an apology and what the terms actually say with links etc. I’ll edit the beginning of this post to ensure people know that it’s against Facebook terms.

      Thanks again guys. Didn’t appreciate your tone Tim but appreciate you letting me know all the same. Darren

  2. Pretty sure this is against Facebook terms.

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