The Goal of using Social Media

dchapman —  April 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

set goalsWhat’s the goal?  What’s the ideal end result of using social media for your business, church or charity?  I’m intrigued what your goals are for social media and your organisation so please comment below.

Here’s a few potential goals and my 2 Golden Rules:

1. To build an online community of x amount of people

This I think is the ultimate goal of any organisation on Social Media as it encompasses all the other below goals and so much more.  You want to build a community, not just a following.  Community means conversation, feedback (+and-) and loyalty.  It means you’re involved in the social media with others.  How?  TLC (tweet, like, comment).  That means you’re using Twitter, Facebook and Blogs respectively.

2. To create awareness of my product/service/brand/organisation

This is really the beginning of establishing Goal 1.  It’s a great goal to have though.  Set a target and encourage people within and outside your organisation to follow, like, comment, etc.

3. To keep people informed

It’s important to have a channel whereby important (and creative) information can get to those people who need it.  I saw a tweet from pizza place Crumb the other day informing people that a store had lost power and a sister store would be doing the orders.  Clever!

4. To alert people to my content, blog, competitions, etc

Always a good thing… unless you don’t have any.  Whenever you create something (new product, competition, blog content, something funny) make sure you put it into your social media so others can TLC too.

5.  To provide an avenue of support, answers and feedback for clients

This seems to be working for many organisations of varying size.  Telstra and Microsoft both use these and many other businesses use it for smaller support requests.  Telstra even employs 60 people to scour the net for complaints that they can fix.  Impressive.


You want REAL people who ACTUALLY follow you, not just 10,000 people who don’t.  It’s a common thing on Twitter and Facebook to follow as many people as possible so a few will follow you back and be ‘informed’ and in the loop for what’s going on with you. 

My2 Golden Rules:

1. I only friend people on Facebook I’ve actually met
2. I only follow people on Twitter if I’m actually interested in their stuff

I get followed by tons of people each week who, I’m sure, don’t actually give a rip about what I’ve got to offer, they just want to be followed in return so I’m in the loop about them.

That might work for you but I actually like Twitter and ‘following’ people i.e. reading what they’re saying, linking, quoting, retweeting.  I also share personal stuff on my Facebook wall which I don’t want randoms reading.  You might be different.  Comment below.

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