Church social media: Internal or External focus?

dchapman —  October 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

Once you’ve tackled the primary question on vision it’s time to look at this key question:

Who is the focus?


This question is specific to churches. Churches have a unique situation in that they have an internal community while trying to reach an external community through relationship. The focus can indeed be both but it needs to be defined. Who do you want to reach with your social media?

Internal – focused on people inside your church. This will help existing church members to connect with each other better and be informed about church activities.

External – focused on people outside your church. This will prioritise advertising, sharing, events and even competitions to enable outsiders to connect with you and help your people to Share with others in their social networks.

One response to Church social media: Internal or External focus?

  1. Great question and so true. It comes back to one word that is so very important for where a church is going – and not just with social media – CLARITY. So important to have a clear idea of what your trying to achieve. Double mindedness doesn’t seem to achieve the great things a clearly focused plan put into action can achieve.

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